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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bluff master inspired?

Abhishek has come a long way. He can dance, sing, act, and entertain. If you have seen Michael Douglas starred "The Game" you will see the inspiration part and truly well inspired and not copied!

Bluff master (official site) is very well made. Song and dance are well timed and consumed well in the movie. Interestingly, some of the background music is remixed old songs, which makes it really fun without mediocrity. The movie is not cheap and very well finished even though it has a lot of tapori factor to it, executed with class. Abhishek’s rap is awesome, he has done it in style and he can do it.

Actors are utilized very well and have done excellent justice to their character. Nana Patekar is hilarious especially in the end. Priyanka is beautiful and delivered her acting very well. One of the most interesting characters is that of Omar, he must have about 10 lines of dialog in the entire movie of which 2 you will hear completely rest are all beeped! In fact, as he appears on the screen the beep starts in a very hilarious way.

On the whole I recommend this movie with no second doubts.