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Friday, December 23, 2005

Holy war on Christmas Tree

Oops! I should not have used the word holy in this title. Given the current debate over Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays; Christmas Tree vs. Holiday Tree; Santa Claus vs. that fat guy with white beard in red dress with 12 Reindeers and gifts, I am staring at my crystal ball and wondering what next?

Frankenstien, I don't find your appearance offensive but your name certainly sounds Jewish and I am offended. Kumar you must be Hindu and I am offended. And what did you say your name is Ahmed? Must be Muslim I am offended again. And George Walker you meet me in the court because I am offended by your Christian name and I am suing you.

I have an excellent solution for the name issue that I saw coming in my crystal ball. We should start naming all new babies with numbers or even better we should start using our Social Security number as names this will also solve the illegal immigrant problem. (I just impressed myself with this brilliant ideas, let me fix my tie knot.)

So next time I meet with anyone I want to hear something like - "Hello, I am 786-23-6459. How are you?". And, I will introduce all my friends something like - "This is 666-12-7896 and his credit score is 400 and a debt of $ 50K with three declined credit cards.".