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Monday, January 16, 2006

Zinda - Alive is DARK!

I have read this is a remake of a Korean movie Oldboy, the story sounded very similar.

Irrespective, I did see shades of - Fight Club, American History X and Quentin Tarantino.

Zinda is really dark, some scenes are brutally gruesome, unapologetic, some fight sequence are hilarious and with a not needed love making scene. If you are going to watch this movie thinking of typical happy-happy Bolly movie then you are mistaken.

Warning: If you saw Veer Zaara and said aawww.... and let a drop of your precious pearl roll down your cheeks; this movie will most likely give you more heart attacks than Dick Cheney's record.

Story is great except the ending is a little slow and somewhat frivolous. The way the idea of 14 years is conveyed is extremely well - showing events on the TV from 14 years. The strength of the darkness is well portrayed with the color and darkness of the screen. John Abraham has done well and looks very slick on screen. Sanjay Dutt has done a good job. My favorite line of the movie was the school's latin motto that John mentions a few times "Labor omnia vincit - labor conquers all things; effort results in victory". I might steal that line for my blog's description.

This movie is a very straight in the face, remorse-less, unapologetic, brute, true to the streets.

I feel Bollywood is coming out very well lately with these new genres of movie.