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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mighty Seven Eleven 24/7

How many of us really know what Seven Eleven is? Yeah, we all know it is a convenience store chain because it pops up one new store every five hours in the US.

But, did you know that majority stake of 7-11 is owned by a Japanese company? Did you know that it traded on NYSE under the symbol SE? Click here to see more info on Seven Eleven. If you are interested in knowing finance facts of Seven Eleven click here. Seven Eleven is a privately held company and it derives the same envy as Samsung does in consumer electronics.

If you are wondering that how did I suddenly started rambling about Seven Eleven when all this while I was yapping about Google and the Internet world. Two incidents caught my attention; Donald Trump's last Apprentice show and the news that Citibank has partnered with Seven Eleven's ATM machines. The mighty two just recognized the power of consumer access.

PS: Believe it or not I was going to discontinue my account with Citibank the day I found that they partnered with 7-11, for the reason that they do not have any ATMs/Branches where I live. After the news I decided to continue with Citibank. Very smart move.