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Monday, May 29, 2006

Another secret revealed.

This seems to be the era of revelations. WMD, Gay Governors, Jesus being married, I a blogger just to name a few. But for the longest time one secret that haunted me has been finally revealed! Thanks to Special Agent Rajababu (especially assigned on this covert mission and who has brought the fruits of hardwork.). The mystery at hand - the missing manhole covers in India! You may think it is funny but read some statistics here. You may have no idea what a nuisance this can be, especially when the streets are flooded with rain water and one has to cross the street knowing that there could be a missing manhole cover!

The revelation is a stab in the heart. The West not only took our weed and bling they even took the manhole covers too. And to as far as Boston.

What is a manhole and the notorious Microsoft manhole interview question - click here.

Encoded message to Rajababu: The document can be declassified now. Can you reveal the coordinates to this satellite image?