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Friday, May 05, 2006

How about a complete green car?

And I do not mean the color green but enviro-friendly.

This is what I was thinking.
1. Solar panels on the top
2. Kinetic energy converter (just like current vehicles, you brake and battery charges)
3. Windmill in the front but omni-directional
4. A small hydel power plant in the engine (coolant flow can be used to generate trickle power)
5. A biogas plant in the trunk (biogas ≠ fart, but created from excreta)
6. Little bit of gas CNG
7. All this will charge a fuel cell on board
8. A very little bit of gasoline (in case it's a rainy day with no wind, no sun, no pee, no poop and the car does not start)

The bio-degradable waste generated from 5 can be used to exchange (barter) with farmers for organic food.

Now that is what I call a solution. Save enery folks because it will take a million years for the corporates to actually implement my idea, freakening Dinosaurs.

PS: I just found out that Dinosaurs are not spelt like - Dinasour!