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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How we punctuate

Ah! I don't mean in that sense!! Well, even if I were all I had to mention was Tony Montana and his trail of F***s would have followed by itself.

Actually, these punctuations can be funny or irritating and by punctuations I am not talking about ' or , or ; or . but words. Here are few examples and you're more than welcome to contribute.

Canadians are already popular for - Eh? besides being wicked - Nice game? Eh?
The Brits for ending their statements with - Yeah? I was walking down the street. Yeah?
The Germans - Ja read: Ya! I was going there. Ya?
Europeans in general - Ya?. Similar to Germans but little less coarse.
Americans - You know. I was in the middle of nowhere. You know?
Indians - No? I was going there. No?
Indians - You see? I was eating. You see?

What is interesting to note is all of them
- end with a "?"
- if negated can embarass the speaker

Just an observation.

PS: Why is : called a colon and . is called a period?