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Monday, October 16, 2006

KANK - Hither come, Whither gone

Yaawwwnnnn .... been away for a while and that yawn includes little bit for the bosom buddies (aka - Karan Johar, SRK et al).

Confession time: however biased I am, I kind of liked the movie and I will credit two reasons for this - subject and Abhishek. While Abhishek could give a complete spectrum of acting agility; SRK had a tough time moving anything more than his forehead, puckered lips and his adam's apple (chiming in perfect harmony with his hysterics). I wonder how much botox he is carrying under his skin and still manages to get through airport security.

I liked the subject hated the unneccessary locale, I guess this was the prude hypocritical justification for the state-of-affairs - hamare yahan aisa nahin hota hai!

I don't know what Amitabh was upto in this movie. In a crisp pimp dress, I guess he had the most fun time in the movie. I still don't know what this character was about in the movie.

Movie is long, songs are shoved in, US locale was not needed, Amitabh's character was him testing the water for his new movie Nishabd (supposedly this is "different" from Lolita), and breaking the bed post with call girls is only justified and humored by all if it is done by Amit ji but ... hamare yahan aisa nahin hota hai. And, yet the man is still mesmerized in his dead wife's memories, I wonder what killed that poor wife. Some of the scenes are well shot with the scenery etc. Subject is very contemporary and upfront less SRK's botox.

Rani is OK kind of the dull cousin, I think Priety did a better job in the movie.

I don't know who the makers of the movie were trying to fool. Mens's soccer (football) is NOT POPULAR in the US the way it was portrayed. I guess they did not have any other sport to use to relate to both Indians and Not-Required-Indians (NRI) other than teen patti. Yaaawwwnnnn .... hamare yahan aisa nahin hota hai.

Funniest moment in the movie the tattoo on SRK's arm (this was suppose to make him aggressive and ubersexy), the thought of it makes me lol then rlol. It was such a stupid copy of David Beckham's tattoo of his wife's name (Victoria) in Hindi script, which "coincidentally" rhymes with "Victory". By the way the tattoo on David Beckham's arm is misspelled, I knew it the first day I saw it. Knowing my hetu hetu madbhed from the Hindi class the "H" can only be to compensate for the propah British accent. Here is the confirmation of the mistake.