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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Munna Bro.

Watching Lage Raho Munna Bhai, there was this very uneasy itch that pointed to the storm following the lull - Gandhigiri. Even a site has been put up for the same cause click here.

OK the movie, so I was skeptical about this movie when I left home. I found the original Munna Bhai to be mediocre and hardly funny in fact the jhuppi part was extremely annoying, and the claim of the new movie to be better than the first only sounded like the echo of other movie makers - "this is a very different kind of movie". But, this one did what it said.

Light movie, what I liked was even though fairly philosophical the lingo was colloquial no unnecessary sugar topping just because Bapu was in the house.

IMHO, Boman Irani (no doubt he is talented) was the only weak link. He could not deliver the punch of paaji. Circuit (Shankareshwar) (Arshad Warsi), IMHO, was the real punch in the movie, this guy has talent. This guy was flawless. Too bad he lost so much time before being noticed again. What I did not want to see was that Bapu really doing a walkie-talkie with Bhai (Sanjay Dutt), nice work with the hallucination part. Most importantly, the packaging of Bhai-ism with Gandhism in the present tense and its influence was sweetly wrapped.

By the way, in Singapore Bhai (=brother) is considered offensive, kinda "N" word for Sikhs. Click here. Interestingly, the world is full of racial slurs for all. So the world is flat after all.