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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am not that innocent.

Last six months have changed all that I had of Britney. What I think:

  1. She is jealous of FedEx
  2. She is blonde
  3. She does not have a strand of hair on her body (as of today)
  4. She is in trouble and should be put on suicide watch
  5. Her head is round, I always thought it to be flat

  6. She used to be a singer
  7. She is brunette
  8. Her hair is more important to the news then other events
  9. She is blonde (OK, I can't decide. See #3)
  10. While typing Britney Spears in Google toolbar, two most common suggestions are:
    1. britney spears crotch shot, 2. britney spears no underwear
    (can't decide who is better: Britney, Google, Internet, Internet User)
  11. She is an absolute bald (see #3)
  12. Her hair is on sale

There are other women who went bald and beautiful. They deserve the attention too.