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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I can't aim no more.

After thousand hour wait at the carousel finally had all my baggage together and my bladder was at the verge of exploding and had to make a dash to whereelse .... mensroom.

In the rush did not realize; right when I relieved myself I realized, WTF!?!? In a country where the average height is probably 5'5" the urinals are located almost at 4' height. One has to know enough physics to compute the projectile's trajectory to find the right aim. And, me no good at this.

This was the first time I noticed this and it was stuck to my head and started comparing height of pretty much every thing that crossed my path *ahem* exceptions are always there. And, everything was higher than we normally find elsewhere.

Even taking a dump was a tip-toe affair considering the height. And, after all the intake you can imagine the number of visit takes an exponential upswing.

Disclaimer: Numbers may be exaggerated!
PS: I know I am kinda wierd to notice things like these but, what to do.