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Sunday, March 25, 2007

I have been christened royal!

Not to clean the posterior oneself after the deed is done to me is the height of royalty and no I would not let any one ruffle my feathers from the wrong end. It is dear, and comes with fine prints. But, a bidet is an experience and my entry into the exclusive club of "royalty". My previous post should convey my fancy for this gadget.

After spending a month in India feeling the warmth of prosperity and development, it was time to scoot back into the western hemisphere with a layover in Seoul, S Korea. Had some plans of checking the entire city especially the Palace, but missed the opportunity but, did not miss the bidet! Courtsey: Seoul Royal Hotel.

What amazed me was the amount of detail and sophistication this thing had on it and then airline companies says they can't make airline seats more comfortable! This thing can be adjusted from an electronic panel that would digitally tell its state, set the temprature, give all options of "intensity", can do "root canal" cleansing as well and all this on the fly!!! I still wonder about the sophistication on this gizmo. Amazing!

Word of caution from the horses mouth, this experience can be uncomfortable.