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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Beverage 2.0 - Jones Cola

Last browsing through the beverage aisle at the local grocery store came across this soda - Jones Soda. A fairly low profile beverage maker. Just for kicks took a pack of four home. After finishing the first bottle I started reading the text on the bottle and first thing that kicked me was - Dude, this is web 2.0 or what.

Few interesting things that caugth my attention.

  1. The label on the bottle is user generated. Meaning consumers send their picture and it gets printed on label if selected

  2. Message under the bottle's cap. They are same as fortune cookie and they admit they picked it from real fortune cookie!

  3. Spelling is "unorthodox", some thing on the lines of Flickr.

Further digging found that this drink was not popular because Target had some kind of exclusivity on the product. And, this deal is expiring soon so expect this drink to be in your local grocery store, SOON.