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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Taare Zameen Par - Another Brick in the Wall.

And, teachers leave them kids alone; is what's conveyed, more precisely teachers and parents in this movie.
All in all this movie has made sure that it does not do better than average at the box office.
With such a phenomenal story and script. Excellent performances this movie still may not click at the box office since it does not have the "Dard-e-khisko" factor to it. There is no leg shaking, masala or fly-me-to-the-moon action - perfect formula not be heard.
Second half of the movie can be considered slightly slow. Aamir does not make an entry for all one hour and fifteen minutes of the movie. But the first half is a delight. UnADULTerated childhood innocence, naughtiness and day dreaming. The delivery from Darsheel Safary is absolute out of the world. Some of the "senior" mega "Shirtless" star "Khiladis" who have raved millions by "stammering" for no apparent reason need to pick some queues from this kid. Especially, some of the emotions delivered by this kid is sheer brilliance. Dunno who owns the credit the kid or the director.
A lot of netizen has recommended this movie to moms and pops to watch. IMHO, this movie is for everyone who have tastes more evolved then who just like "Dard-e-khisko".
Also, I do not recall any movie (including Hollywood) that has addressed this subject. So, this is one heck of a different movie. IMHO, if this movie is not better than then this is as good as Black. I do not have the calibre to describe this movie any more. So here I rest my keyboard. Watch this movie and judge yourself.
4.9/5 bravos from my quarters.
This posting has references to the lyrics from The Wall, Pink Floyd's album. The song is Another Brick in the wall.


Unknown said...

Bang on about the movie - its one of the best to have come out of good ol' Bollywood.

One can't but applaud the effort of Amol Gupte & Aamir Khan - here's a movie that was made with the sole purpose of telling a story that needed to be told - uncontaminated by any of the commercial realities that govern most of the other fare we dish out - Superb.