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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jodhaa-Akbar: Bollywood's arrival.

Don't know about the controversy brouhaha about this movie and I could care less. The movie is a good watch. It is majestically made, very royal and for once the battle scenes look genuine and to the scale. I am giving it 3.5 ticks rating. Ash is as mannequin as it gets and Hrithik delivers. Good job. Movie suffers from what every period movie does, we all know what happened! So, the movie is a refresher in motion picture.
Music is excellent, Khajaji is phenomenal but then I love sufi music.
So, what makes this movie Bollywood's arrival? One thing, I did not watch this movie at NAZ8 (naz8.com) the local desi multiplex. Being the monopoly in the bay area they feed crap when it comes to service. But, thanks to UTV they had the movie running at AMC Mercado and it was a delight watching this movie in a stadium theater! Why thanks to UTV, while reading an article on Bollywood in The Economist I learnt that UTV's Ronnie Screwala makes big bucks and risky movie and UTV has partnered with Hollywood's biggies to deliver it with quality in US town.
Now go watch the movie in quality.
UPDATE: How could I miss the jugalbandi of Hindi and Urdu? Very melodious.