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Thursday, December 01, 2005

PhD ≠ Educated

I have used the word "educated" in several scenarios and have received different response from my audience. What I found especially from the people of the sub-continent (reason why I am putting this blog), they understand the term "educated" totally in a different perspective. And, I have been smacked upside on my head for using the E word. Therefore, I put my Sherlock's cap and head straight with my challenged hound nose to work.

First thing first, the meaning:
From Answers, I would strongly recommend to check Merriam and Webster's dictionary also (FYI: They are known to have authority over the English vocabulary!).

Make sure you read beyond the first meaning. The usage can vary.

Coming back to the original reason behind this blog. So when I say "Make an educated guess" THIS DOES NOT MEAN - TO GET A PhD BEFORE YOU DO YOUR GUESS WORK! It means make a SMART guess based on your experience from day-to-day life. I have seen plenty of "EDUCATED" people from distinguished universities make a complete doh-doh decisions and repeatedly. I am no exception to this except that I try not to make it "REPEATED".

When I say EDUCATED audience, it does NOT mean that the person has to get yet another PhD to become an audience!

If EDUCATED only meant somebody who has a degree you are in for a little surprise. In Tony Montana's words - say hello to my little friend, US census.

According to US Census of 2005 only 36.1% of the people said they have some kind of degree including associates degree and PhD. That does NOT mean that remaining 63.9% Americans are UN-EDUCATED. (Note: Surveyed samples were of age 25+ years.)

Don't trust me, eh? Say hello to another one of my little friends called Forbes richest people from US. Of the Top 10 only 4 of them have reported having some kind of education the remaining are DROP OUTS! Top 5 is even worse only 1 has PhD rest are DROP OUTS. Majority of them made their blings from the new information technology; a highly EDUCATION dependent economy. So, if you still think EDUCATED means college+ education and if you have a college or + degree AND you are NOT in Forbe's list; you figure out what you are ....