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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Color it basanti (A.K.A. Rang de basanti)

Hmmm… where do I start? This movie made me laugh, made me feel old, convinced me that I am not the only one who thinks this way and also put me to sleep in the second half. Though second half is long and slow due to too much poetic aspect injected into the movie, it is still bearable. If one can sit through Veer Zaara, you will find this to be Matrix in comparison. First half made me young and the second half restless (due to slowness)!

With all the Delhi scenes it took me 10 years back. Locations and food were the same as where my friends and I used to hang out and the same "lukha-ness". I almost cried nostalgically. Shhh… don’t mention this to anyone.

It’s a strongly recommended movie.

Okay now the movie…

This is a cocktail of Rangeela’s taporiness Punjabi style, youthfulness of Dil Chahta Hai, message of Yuva, influenced music, excellent metaphorical narration and situation morphing between periods. Liked the way the movie ended though people used to Chopra-Sippy-Johar kind of movie may find this "disturbing". First half of the movie is very energetic and full of life; the movie starts to drag as the movie approaches its end. Strength’s no heavy-duty dialogs very colloquial, normal slang, acceptable amount of romance and truthful presentation of today’s India. One thing that I was initially skeptical about was Aamir Khan playing a college guy. He is aging you can see it on his face. But, the makers took care of it well by making him the “super senior”, he continues with college even after five years of graduation. He has one very powerful line, paraphrased here – while in college one makes the life dance to ones own tune and once outside the college life makes us dance to its tune. The movie has a lot of message that earlier movies lost to convey due to theatrics and this one did it well with its simplicity. But what I really enjoyed was the “kickbackness” of the movie with no unnecessary verbose dialogs or exaggerated philosophies. There also is a good portrayal of some very common stereotypes. Aamir, as always is phenomenal. Earlier, I was also skeptical about the Bhagat Singh factor in the movie. Lately, there have been too many patriotic/historic/period movies that lost its flow in its commercialization. But surprisingly despite the presence of Bhagat Singh factor this is not totally a historic movie. This movie has also been labeled as a period movie; yes it is, the period is TODAY.

A short message to the big movie makers like the Sippys, the Chopras and the Johars. How come despite your success and resources you fail to come up with a movie so simple, effective and successful? I understand you have made your own genres but instead of spending big budgets on shooting an entire movie in foreign locales spend it on the quality and content of your movies. You may retain your brand. Now shut me up with your box office performance.

Coming back to RDB, is this Oscar material like Lagaan. I don’t think so. Is it a powerful movie? Yes.

Some observation, while the likes of Ash are running to Hollywood; Aamir is continuously brining Hollywood to Bollywood. Instead of portraying Sikhs for stereotyped comic or warrior roles, it is really pleasing to see them in more diverse roles.

Why did IAF had to approve this movie? Whatever happened to freedom of speech. Was any of the facts mentioned about IAF in this movie a threat to the national security? People this is the era of blogs, emails, proxies and anonymizers. Refrain from censorship and you will win more people otherwise you will find yourself isolated. Meneka Gandhi - how were animals harmed in this movie? The world rides horses, loads are carried on bullock carts on the streets and pets are left in solitary confinement when owners are away? Both controversies sound ridiculous to me. Grow up!

Cinema influences the youth. I hope this does not do it in the wrong way. I hope people pick contributing to the nation by participating in its system rather than assasinations.