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Monday, February 06, 2006

Oprah is Evil!

And I disagree. Oprah is one of the smartest businesswomen around.

Whoever is cribbing about the book scandal that just happened are they themselves to be blamed for their misery. Oprah sells sells and sells to add more bling to her wealth. What did you think she is doing charity? I really wonder how much she gets paid by the corporations for "giving" out their “free” products. It is the people who have put their blind faith in Oprah to be blamed for the scandal.

James Frey is a writer and so are J. K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré, Salman Rushdie and Stephen Hawking; their job is to write. Write anything that sells and Oprah does the same promotes anything that will sell her. Don't call her evil; stupid are people who buy everything that Oprah tells them to. Did their mommy not tell them when something is too good to be true, be skeptical? When Oprah promoted this book she was oh-lala with praises and people with zero sense of judgement went and bought the books. On second thoughts people who regularly watch Oprah can be expected to do something like this. But, why are they filing for class action suit now that the truth came out NOT from Oprah but a totally independent, rational and responsible entity - The Smoking Gun. The entity that does its home work rather than rush out to promote anything that has monetary interest for them. Oprah should learn something from them before promoting anything she does in the future.

Any product Oprah gives out on her show gets free publicity through Oprah's show, the people who get them (heard of viral marketing) and people who cover Oprah's "generosity" - media.