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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Did I hear freedom of speech ...

Organize the Internet and make it accessable to every Internet user, Freedom of speech, Do you Yahooooo..... Your Potential, Our Passion ....

From left to right, Mark Chandler, Cisco's general counsel, Elliot Schrage, a vice president for corporate communications at Google, Jack Krumholtz, managing director of federal government affairs and associate general counsel for Microsoft, and Michael Callahan, Yahoo's general counsel before a joint hearing on the Internet in China.
Image source:
NY Times

Hmmm... do you know what these lines are; these are paraphrased tag lines/claims of the big "information" providers of the Internet. Google the lone warrior of the Internet, Yahoo making Internet fun and of course Microsoft.

The congress whipped these companies for censoring Internet in China and in one case Yahoo helping Chinese Govt. in arresting a Chinese citizen. Hmmm.... how come congress does not think of bringing democracy to China or allocate funds to do so or stop giving business to China .... Businesses like Yahoo, Google and MSN are at least honest in admitting that their goal is to keep the shareholders happy and not ignore emerging markets. This is a very tricky debate.

How come these biggies don't install Internet proxies for anonymous Internet access? I guess it is the risk of losing a market as huge as the Chinese.