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Sunday, February 12, 2006

My caveman diet

Forget about all the diets like Beverly Hills, Atkins, cabbage soup and South Beach etc ... try this new diet called Caveman diet. This does not require any pills or equipment and no change to current lifestyle, may be little bit. And NO need to hunt for food either.

1. Eat what you want to - moderate it.
2. Eat natural - What is artificial about burgers/French fries/steak?
3. Use escalator instead of stairs but briskly climb the escalator steps, this will also save some time.
4. Do not monitor weight everyday, use it as quarterly report.
5. Watch oneself naked in the mirror and critique.
6. Humankind is designed as a runner, so run. At least 5 miles a week run everyday, alternate days but not just once a week. If you have access to gym, use it.
7. Park your car farthest at work. Get your walk.
8. Watch TV but debate the news. Do not take news at its face value. Watching news also helps improve language, vocabulary and IQ. Play game not console game.
9. Sex.
10. Do not starve. This will only enlarge your belly and weaken your muscles.

Balance is the key. Gluttony, Greed and Sloth are three of the seven sins.

Here are some popular weight loss diets, which most likely will not work. Why? Because these diets ask to deprive one of what one likes the most. Now ask - why I should deprive myself of what I like the most when I can achieve without this deprivation?

If this diet does not help refer a doctor, you may have some other issue.

For little inspiration go here.


Anonymous said...

Wait ... Doesn't a 'caveman diet' imply that you should only eat what you yourself can kill/gather? Hmm.... that would probably go much further in terms of real results ;)

Anonymous said...


You missed the keyword - "My". My caveman has remote controlled TV, a lazy boy, eats home delivered pizza and has more frequent drive miles to the local Mac-D than on his shoes.

So no, my caveman does not gather his yum yum. :)