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Sunday, February 19, 2006

What makes USA different.

Being an immigrant in the US a lot many times I get asked – What do you find different about America or What do you see different in this country or something on these lines. And never could I give a precise answer to these questions till Feb. 10th. No, I did not experience any epiphany; I was only watching the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics at Torino, Italy on TV.

I saw many contingents – the Chinese, the Russian, the Italian, and believe it or not I even saw the Indian contingent and then I saw the US contingent. The first thing that crossed my mind seeing the contingent was – is this a world versus the world Olympics. The American delegation had white, yellow, black and brown colors to it and all other contingents was one “solid” color. No other contingent could offer this diversity and immediately I could point to it and say that is what makes US different from any other country in the world.