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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Not all softeeess.

Yesterday, a friend from the Bay area wrote after reading my blog that all Softees bash Google.

Well, not really. By no means MSN search suffices my hunger on the Internet that I would use it. I am an avid Googleee user and if you dig through my blog you will find numerous instances where I have upheld Goooggleee boy over softeee... See I love Ghooghoo... so much that I have given it so many names too. There are very few things men give names to ahem! I should stop here. And these names are only out of utmost love.

MSN Search sucks, it sucks to the very cable it is connected to. I hate the interface and I hate the results. The page looks broken to me. Somebody please fix it.

MSN claims to be coming out with an "even better" search engine and capabilities though. I hope they copy something from Gophoo (see I got another name).

Okay, this was just the response to that email. I am out of therapy and back to normal. Will talk soon. G'nite.


Anonymous said...

Hmm..wonder then why you had a hyperlink on MSN search and none on any of the thousand names you had for google.
I still think its a facade you are putting on so that you don't get outcasted by the web community.


Anonymous said...

Samir. Thanks for swinging by again. I would have loved to hyperlink all Google links but considering the number of times I have Google mentioned on my blog either I would spend my whole life making them hyperlinks or bring down this blog engine.
All facades aside I still love googling.