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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Now GPaint

Drum rollssss.... Yes, Google has saved to its shopping cart another software company and surprisingly this is a desktop software company but no surprise since Keyhole was a desktop software company too till Google incorporated it in its map software.

Today Google acquired SketchUp a 3-d sketching software by @Last. MS Paint was never so popular. But, this acquisition requires a lot more thought than a simple grocery bag. Where does this fit in Google's offereings?

In another turn of events both the US Govt. and Google are softening their stance on the data hand over issue. What did I say in my earlier blog? GOOG took a ~4% jump today.

There are atleast two other products from Google that has faced so much demand that the services have become by invitation only - Google Page and Google Analytics (Formerly Urchin).

Wonder what MS is brewing?


Sumit Awasthi said...

Here is a late night brain fart on what Google might do with Sketchup.

They might come up with integrating Sketchup in some manner with their mapping software, thereafter allowing users to render their own maps of locales.

Or they may allow users to create graphic content and upload to the web, or have some play with their Google Page Creator solution.

Or Google may keep it as a standalone software (like Earth), and let users contribute renderings.

All in all, I have no idea what they will end up doing. Only 4 out of 10 predictions of mine on Google have been right. I remember the time they had started scanning Catalogs, I knew they'd scanning books one day.