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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Ah ... after 8 years of "flawless" *ahem* Hotmail usage I signed up for the new Windows Live Mail as mentioned earlier and guess what? I used one of the trumpted features of drag-and-drop of any emails to any folders. It turned out to be drag-and-forget your email!

I have two of my emails missing-in-action after I tried this drag-and-drop feature. My next natural response I dragged myself out of the "invitation".


Anonymous said...

I think Windows Live Mail has fubar..ed the already spam infested hotmail account. I am surprised people still use it as their primary email. The only emails I get there are the newsletters which are the results of the checked boxes of "Send me your promotions.." that missed my ignorant eye. They might as well name the "Inbox" the "Spam" folder. And by the way, is there a way to let those imbeciles know that Viagra and cheap software is the least of my concerns at this moment...And no, I am not interested in meeting Great Christian Singles in my neighborhood and even if I am, I do not need cheap Rx for it. Get a Life! Get Gmail.

Zeya said...


It is such a delight to see your comments.
Fortunately, Spam has not been such a big issue with my account. After using HM for over 8 years it will be a big pain in the you-know-what to update all my contacts with the new info (considering there is no forwarding). Gmail is no doubt good but you know the pain factor.