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Friday, April 07, 2006

Live mail invitation.

Finally after using my Hotmail account for over 8 years I got an invitation to join Windown Live Mail. I liked the look of it. It is very similar to MS Exchange Server's web access UI.

What's new?

  • While you type spell check is done MS Word style, which slows some of the operation
  • Auto complete for address
  • Drag and drop emails to any folder
  • Every time user replies/forwards to a mail not identified by users list of address it prompts a warning. This can get annoying.
  • Trash emails with delete key
  • Good search
  • Can select pane layout

What I did not like:

  • AJAX calls can be really slow specially with spell check
  • UI is little too white
  • Some of the actions are slow
  • Some how I lost my signature
  • Shortcuts show/hide are not remembered
  • Emails from people not in safe-list/address book have all items in mail disabled (eg. images and links)
  • Screen space is not utilized effectively

These are a few items I noticed will post more if I come across any.

What is interesting is that the UI has no mention of MSN; I am wondering if MSN will be cannabalized.