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Thursday, April 20, 2006

I want a beechwood undie subscription.

"Feels like silk and breathes like cotton". That is Mohammed Ali of Internet.
How about your undies delievered discreetly to your doorstep at no extra cost to you every month? If we go by Internet standards this is somewhat here. All you got to do is "Subscribe".

Ebays and Amazons are passe now. Some good Internet shopping sites. Click here.

Being eco-friendly is one thing but imagine scraped wood thong or a g-string. Reminds me of visit to a dentist for tooth filling. Ouch! Checking with them again, my fears have come true. They do have thongs!!! Want to see their complete range, click here.

What if IKEA decides to join this fray? Assemble your own undie. O-O this is getting out of control.


Anonymous said...

Does the company hire tailors or carpenters? Do you launder it or do you just polish it? Just thoughts...