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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Responding to Rajababu

Rajababu just rear-ended my uneducated financial speculation and added an adolescent sparkle to it by posting his comment and further reinstating what I said in my previous posting.

Interesting coffee consumption fact that was provided by Rajababu, click here.

Makes me wonder why the eff did I waste my years in college. I could have made millions making coffee, selling wooden undies, creating art from porn and much more and still have fun during spring breaks!


Sumit Awasthi said...

Zeya, not to forget holding little rabbits at ransom, and then promising to kill them when the world doesn't pay you enough! (ref: savetoby.com)

Zeya said...

All I can say to this Sumit is - Rub it in!

Thanks for dropping by.