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Monday, June 05, 2006

Alchemy is for real.

Everyday when I leave work I ask myself - What did I achieve today? Despite astronomical number of keystrokes, few million lines of incomprehensible code, packets of voice information exchanged over the phone and billions of bits burned on the Internet along with all work related emails; I tell myself I have achieved NOTHING!
Why, because there are these brat little kids in this world who have not even completed school forget about college and have revolutionized this place where I live called world. I really have achieved nothing when I look at people like www.milliondollarhomepage.com. This is what I call sheer brilliance. Turning dust into gold, the ultimate alchemy.
A KID from somewhere in UK started this site and sold pixels YES PIXELS moron - the little granular dots on your monitor; for advertising on his site. The one pager has nothing but ads millions of them some so small that you can't even make out what it is yet companies from all over have paid thousands and bought PIXELS YES PIXELS AGAIN MORON.
Now to add shame to the injury this kid was blackmailed by a hacker to bring the site down if he did not put his banner. Guess what, the kid negotiated with a security company and got protection for free.
If I see this kid, I promise to perform a tribal dance around him as a mark of respect and sacrifice three desktop mice. FUCK!

More info and history click here.

PS: I had intended never to use any profanity uncensored on this blog, but this finding broke all boundaries of restrain. Pardon me.