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Monday, June 05, 2006

Fanaa - Destroyed in three hours!

Despite a lot of reservation I mustered enough courage to take on this venture (Fanaa) and saw this movie. After three and a half hour long Jihad, I survived victorious in the true spirit of the entertainment struggle.
My only consolation - Aamir Khan's acting, first 1/4th of the movie and the couplets used during this portion.

Ah, how can I forget to mention; Kajol is a unibrow! And, Rani is a better actress.

This movie can really be used by Delhi's Tourism Department.

Another thing, SRK has been finally abandoned by Daddy Yash Chopra. So, even Daddy agrees that SRK is good only for lollypop roles and does not have the caliber for versatile and challenging roles where hysterics don't deliver. Strike!

Yet again Aamir proved his qoute - "If Shahrukh Khan claims to be badshah(King) of bollywood, i am ikka(ace)."

Some comments shared by other netizens about SRK:

Disclaimer: I don't hate SRK as a person, but boss he is a sh*ty actor.

Fanaa, in the world of Sufism means the same as Nirvana in Buddhisim and Moksha in Hinduism.
Tamil version of Yuva has a song by the same title - Fanaa.