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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Give and take?

For the longest time I have been curious to see a living example of effects of economics on culture. In a way, how superficial cultural fanaticism is.

So, here is my case. How about call centers in India? Just for those who don't know about Indian civilization the first Indian settlement is known to be 9000 years old and ever since this might has evolved culturally and socially. Without ticking more here is the article that somewhat answered my quest.

By no means I want to obstruct the economic prosperity of India on the contrary I am a very strong proponent of the prosperity, BPO, ITeS and IT . But, after reading this I was reminded of my Afro-American culture class I had back when I was doing my Engineering. One of the first things that farm owners did after bringing slaves to the farms was giving the slaves an English/American name. Is this new form of, I don't know how to put this, you know what? Or is this yet another simple give and take of hybridization, evolution?

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