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Monday, June 26, 2006

Scoot iPod here comes sPod.

This is just what the doctor prescribed. The quality siesta in the heart of a metro. Did I catch your attention yet? You, sleep deprived zombie yuppie.

OK, so here is the story. Yesterday, "BIG" on CNN headline news was about this Comcast's cable guy who fell asleep at a client site while being on hold for AN HOUR by Comcast support (funny, eh?). That triggered a neuronic impulse in my sub-concious grey matter about something I had read some light years ago - Sleep Pods! A brainchild of a CMU grad, later Wall Street Banker named Arshad Choudhury. Formalized as MetroNaps provides fast track people 20 min power nap for only $14. Kinda 'xpensive for sleep but this power nap is loaded. Nevertheless I guess the idea is interesting. Also, now it is franchised so you can operate one too.

Watch the cable guy sleeping video that got him caught click here.
More on MetroNaps and what sleep pod is. click here.

PS: The poor cable guy was fired by Comcast. But, don't you think the phone support should have been fired? Why would Comcast's own support keep its field guy on hold for ONE HOUR?
Image source: MocoLoco