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Monday, June 12, 2006

Hera Pheri Hera Pheri

Phir se Hera Pheri (PHP) is a bad attempt at making the poor cousin of Jane Bhi Do Yaaron (JBDY). The movie is old wine in a new bottle and stale too. There is sporadic comedy but over all repeat from Hera Pheri.

Movie is too crowded with too many comedians trying to creep onto each others toes. Climax is 100% inspired by JBDY's climax and fails miserably. I could not believe that 25+ yrs old audience could find a 800 lb. Gorilla humorous (Note: The Gorilla looked like a bad case of cloning mutation).

There was zero intelligent comedy as stated by Paresh Rawal. Big disappointment from Priyadarshan. And, if he is still planning on making 5 more of these - God Bless Him.

But, Bipasa looks ek dum item boss. Get this t-shirt and more from Indobundee.

Hera Pheri = Swindle