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Monday, June 12, 2006

FIFA WC US Czech mate.

The title is a mouthful of acronyms.

US defeat at the hands of Czech team should not be so disappointing. US team in no way were a match to the Czechs.

3-0 defeat in World Cup is huge. This exposes few key factors about the US team - lack of exposure to world soccer, a very weak defense line and a weak mid-field that could not support either the fowards or the defense. Czech defense line was way too strong for Donovan and the forward line to do any damage.

Winning against Italy will be a dream come true and after Ghana's match against Italy, US has a very steep uphill fight against Ghana too.

Think outside the coasts. Soccer league in US have tried very hard to create expertise from within US, IMHO that was a wrong approach either export players to European/South American leagues or get players and teams from Europe and South America to play with them. Create new tournaments in the US so players will come from all over and share the "real thing".

I hate it when commentators shout during NFL and NBA that the winning team is the "world champion". Please don't fool us!

Image source: MSN Fox sports


Pep said...

O my god, with this girls i'm also usa selection jajajajaj