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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Playing Cards vs. Red Cards.

Watching the US vs Italy game has made Group E one of the most interesting groups in World Cup soccer, from being a "decided" group. Italy's first victory only made its second round advance concrete till they met with US and drew. What a blunder! Thanks to the referee. I am sure he flew directly from Vegas and forgot the difference between playing cards and soccer cards.
The referee destroyed the enthu from the game. With three players out the energy was sucked out.
Bravo to the US team. Down by two players and fighting against Italy and drawing was nothing but pure hard work and good strategy. Awesome game.

On a totally separate note, Brazil needs to decide if they want to secure their position or help Ronaldo meet his world record. Ronaldo has been a big disappointment this world cup.

Image source: Fox sports.