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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Krrish... Dolly gone wild.

It's a horse. It's a monkey. It's a ..... Dolly.

You must have gotten what Krrish is here (not really and you're not missing much) but if you are not sure what Dolly is click here.

No IMHO for this one, I am very opinionated for this one.

This movie is gone bad in every which way. The movie is a mediocre abuse of the "green screen". The movies made in 60's and 70's did a better job of background screen. Now to the *ahem* "original" story and the first super hero of India. The originality of the movie was cloned(the Dolly connection) by a movie made in 2003 - Paycheck.
This one is for the originality:

I would rate Jadugar to have a more bang for the buck than our *original* *first* Indian super hero. Priyanka does not get the opportunity to "show" any of her "talents". And there is nothing else left for me to mention.
Thank you.

PS: If you still plan on watching this movie, do not forget to keep a bottle of Asprin next to you.
PPS: My recommendation to any B-School. This movie is a classic case study for advertising and marketing.