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Sunday, July 09, 2006

What to do now?

After a month of nail biting, on-the-edge nervousness, tears, anger, swearing, mud slinging, exhaustive spreadsheet usage (yes) and reason to get up early today I have come to the cross-roads where I ask myself - What do I do now? In part I blame my classmate from College TRV for initiating this agenda.

Still wondering what I am talking about - World Cup 2006. The magic, the moment, the legends, the mishaps, 30 days, 64 competitive matches; it is time for withdrawl symptoms.

Some pictures from this game. I think Fox Sports has done the best job of brining it together. I was disappointed by Flickr.


  • World Cup Finals
  • Player's Wives and Girlfriends
  • Babe fans at World Cup 2006

    Boys, these pictures should give you enough reasons to convince your parents to let you continue with soccer.

    Statistics: this will be updated as more info flows in
    Viewership: Estimated to be 1.5 billion (Super bowl has a viewership of ~95 million)