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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Considering Airtel Call Home - STOP!

OK, so if you are considering switching to Airtel call home or join new just because they are offering 7.9 cents a minute. Hold your horse real tight and read further.

I made the mistake of jumping first and suffered big. First I am very keen to meet the Program manager, Project manager and the person who signed off on their website. The security (registration) is as if they are going to hold my future behind it and the user id is a randomly assigned number even major banks allow to pick a 5 character userid if it is available. The site did not allow me to login for almost 24 hours and it was picky thereafter as if the person authenticating me was on nicotine break. After all is done, tried calling got a long dead break and no response and could not use the line anyways. They use AJAX very nice BUT it is broken some of the places and can be very confusing! I could never register my phone numbers.

Finally, after all the huffs and puffs decided this is it. I am cancelling this. So, I call up the support that claims 24/7 support hehehehehehe ..... only if you are willing to hold 40 minutes! After 7 attempts, a carpal tunnel injury and endangering another tennis elbow I got through and on complaining about the wait, I was told - "it is because of high volume call", that was a big no no; it is the sign they are having more trouble than what I have imagined. The representative was friendly and nice though.

On the whole wait before you sign up, Airtel is a good company and is not inherited through generations so I am all for it. They are very disruptive and they have shaken Reliance India Call (I use this service). I uphold their jihad on price, kudos. It will take them some time to fix some of their website glitches. These glitches should have been caught long time back though, this is not some thing new and Airtel is big enough to do so. Something, seriously missing is easy dial feature capability to store numbers.

I did not face any such trouble with Reliance India Call and never had to call the support.

PS: Reliance is matching the deals with some good breaks.


Anonymous said...

I'm using AirtelCallHome without any problems at all. I rather like the service. Especially a double talk time offer. Its all good as far as I'm concerned.

Sumit Awasthi said...

I use startec. They lowered their prices too.

Zeya said...

Thanks Parthasarathi and Swash for your comments.
Reliance is giving the same double talk time. I saw your posting on your blog. The only time I visit their website is when recharging. The real thing is the calling part and convinience.
Swash, all three are in teh same ball park in terms of priciing, but Reliance has the edge in terms of features.
I don't have any person interest in Reliance to promote them but, IMHO they have very realistic features, which convinced me to stay with them.

Unknown said...

I use WQN, they are also match 7.9/c for cals to India and also comes up with great offers/promos. And no cut, noise or any interruption, same as Reliance quality. Plus they are very good rates for calling other coutries also.

Vishal Batghare