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Thursday, February 08, 2007

iPhone - Geeks ultimate fetish.

Launch of iPhone satiated every geeks ultimate fetish. Music player, Wi Fi, browsing with a full browser, no stylus AND A PHONE in sleek sexy case.

All is good. But, there is something that is missed in all the praise for this mother of all geek's tool. Battery life - 5 hours and 15 for just music. When an avid user is swinging this sword in all directions; I wonder how long will this last. A commuter from New Jersey to New York city or some body living in South Bay and working in San Francisco; will the battery life be enough between recharges to last through a day. It is a wait and watch.

One thing that I would really want to see is convergence of Credit Card with mobile phones. Something that works with infra red. Bankrate.com has an article, which talks about this concept.