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Monday, February 12, 2007

Allergic @&*($%&#

Excuse my hypocritical censoring of the title. I wanted to be little more hypocritical and add beeps but the technological handicap held me back. (Update: In yet another act of hypocrisy and prudeness, I have further censored the title. "Aligning my post with my original resolve to refrain from all profanities.")

My inspiration for this posting is this fudging post here. Below is a quote.

is baar censors ne kuchh nahii.n kaaTaa ... chaar gaaliyaa.N kaaTii.n; do m**darch*d kaaTe ek b*hench*d kaaTaa; ek aur gaalii kaaTii; aur jab usake liye hamane argument kiyaa ki sir ye aap kyo.n kaaT rahe ho Black Friday me.n se ... aise hii ye log baat karate the ... wo actually jab Tiger Memom kaa ghar jalataa hai puuraa maahiim jalaa duu.Ngaa m**darch*d kar ke ... wahaa.N beep aataa hai ... to chaar jagah beep aataa hai ... wo chaar gaaliyaa.N kaaTii hai.n ... aur jab hamane unako puuchhaa ki aapane ye kyo.n kaaTaa ... censor-waalo.n ne ... unakaa argument ye thaa ... counter-argument ... ki aap ko aThaarah ch**tye diye the na is baar?
What is hilarious is the bargain of 18 ch**tiya ... unbelievably LOL!
I am proponent of *responsible* free speech and yes, I do want to swear to my hearts content. But, "yeh hamare yahan nahin hota" attitude of censor board only shows a case of ED - Extreme Denial or is it just a juvenile prudeness of "meri mummy told me so"? I come from Delhi (FYI: India's capital) where swearing is as important as punctuations in archaic Victorian English (interstingly, Govt. Offices still use this too.). The remaining country is no different, yet use of "street language" is a big no no. An excellent piece of art like Omkara is phooh phoohed by my neighborhood aunties for its language but near naked song and dance aka item numbers, and violence is as normal as Adam and Eve's navel. To my non-Indian brethrens, NO, Indian's don't stop traffic and do a little song and dance everytime it rains.

Even though, I like free speech I add a little asterisk to it as *responsible*. Essentially, use your judgement *WHAT* to use, *HOW* to use and *WHEN* to use.

PS: There is a Brooklyn Qawalli Party (BQP)