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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Answers.com - answers to where I am.

About six years back I had found a tool Babylon. This was an excellent tool to bridge the gap between what I knew and what I did not. Any where on my computer if I clicked with a key combination it would get me the definition of the word in multiple languages and everything related to it. It is like spell checker in Office Word, only better since it works with anything. The catch, it is NOT free.

Enter Answers.com, 1-Click Answers is a similar tool and this is free. It does not provide as much info as Babylon does, but suffices my needs. It can really be addictive.


Anonymous said...

I have been using the gurunet.com tool for years now. Answers.com bought gurunet. I loved it then, I love it now. Its amazing to see that all it requires is Alt-Click from any document.

What I like about this tool is that it actually is smart enough to see where a particular word is, in a sentence and then it gives a contextual definition. for example if you clicked on "comment" in a phrase like "no comments yet" it actually defines "no comment" instead of just "comment".. Me likey !!! Oh by the way answers.com tool taught me that the bollywood actor Dharmendra's real name is Dharam Singh Deol. Kutteyyyyyyy........

Zeya said...

Did not know this was originally Gurunet.
Babylon had similar click anywhere, but they cost moolah so I am dumped them.

As you said, I likey for the seamless integration.

Dharam Singh Deol, phunny, I knew he was sardar but did not know his name. Gabbar main aa riya hoon ...