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Thursday, May 17, 2007

I want my Zee TV: Money for nothing and Colors for free

Haan Haan meelord, I proudly claim to be a subscriber of Zee TV that shows all episodes of relationship between non-blood related women in the finest light of cat fight and inconspicuous conspiracy. Whether it is the battle of the Jethanis or the love of three betiyans. My best infotainment on Zee TV is Ravana and the Hindi News.

But the real bang for my buck came when Jayapradha was covered by Zee News. I never knew my TV could handle so many colors. Most surprising, all these colors could be dominated by one color - WHITE! Enter Jitendra my all white contrast!! More importantly this post is to salute the makers of Tohfa, the men who dared to bring all the flowing Binny sarees and color to screen in just one song and dance with all imaginable aerobic moves.

As if this was not enough, Rajababu sent an email with the best dance moves and full-throttle laden thursts with lyrics to match!

PS: Title is mocked down version of Dire Straits - I want my MTV


ivahhc said...

HAHAHA. that Tohfa Tohfa choreographer should be fired!!!

ivahhc said...

omg. I think they're trying to salsa in the second one!