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Friday, May 18, 2007

Totally street inspired.

Overheard in the street - "I can't spend 300 dollars, but I need an iPod, or how would I listen to my music". This person had a laptop and a Starbucks coffee and was sitting in the sun. The keywords (marked with font weight) that rung in my ears like the bell rung at Hiroshima every year to mark the tragedy there. The weight of the fonts indicates the decibel intensity of the keywords in my head.

Questions that crossed my mind in no particular order.
- Is this abuse, ignorance, peer pressure .....?
- Since when iPod became a need?
- Is this really that difficult, you have a laptop to listen to your music?
- Why just iPod, there are million other less expensive music jukebox?
- Starbucks - average coffee - $3. 3 x 100 = 300.
Considering 5 cups a week - 20 weeks - 5 months.
Don't have Starbucks for 5 months and you can afford "the need".

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