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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

OSO - an anorexic fest.

Manoj Kumar, Udi baba, slap stick parody; wondering what has this got to do with Om Shanti Om. Hmmm, these were the things I liked about this movie.

Those who know my "penchant" for SRK would probably expect that I would thumbs down this movie. But, this movie was saved by Farah Khan's parody. Yes, she has an excellent humor very similar to Sajid Khan's (her bro). These two siblings do not even spare themselves when it comes to ridiculing.

The movie does a good job at creating a period setup, colors and costumes. And, has done an excellent job at parody. Story is as haywire as Phil Spector's hair. In general digitized copy of Karz.

Three scenes that sent me off my seat only for humor reasons in no particular order.

1. Manoj Kumar's driver license (He has his hand over his face)
2. "Udi baba" (Bengali exclaimation, here super heros super power)
3. South Indian movie set (Funny was Rascale. Subtle connotation - pussy cat, used for a stuffed tiger doll.)

The song that sent this movie's claim to Guiness Book (no confirmation) "Deewangi Deewangi" is what I call the anorexic fest. Whatever happened to the healthy heroine who used to eat their three normal meals a day!!! Also, some dance steps in this song is plagerized from here (forward about 20 seconds and check the two guys standing). "Dard-e-Disco" has a very catchy tune but I hate the song for the bastardization. So, I am going to refer to this track here on as - "Dard-e-Khisko".

I would probably give 3/5 chicks to this movie.

On a side note: WTP is/was wrong with you SRK?
Who are you trying to impress with your exposed midriff and belly button? A Badshah's courtesan covers her midriff better than this.

Phil Spector image - The Nightwatchman/ReadingEagle.com