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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Cancer Cure - taking "D" out of Ph.D.

Last week met with an old friend, and we had some major brain tsunamis about everything but the useful! An interesting point that he made, at that time I swooshed it as nothing but BS. Cancer can be cured by balancing human body's pH scale (and so the title of this post). His analogy was flawless but I was still cynical till I spoke to my little friend - Google. The anology was of a swimming pool, to maintain the pH a few drops of minerals is required. But, interestingly no Doctor tells this in case of cancer and prefers to shave the patient with invisible blade!!
A little search on Google got me this set of results on the topic. Crux of the result - an acidic body is an invitation to all deseases including cancer! Period.
If this is so easy why not educate people about diet. There are million and one shows on weight loss diets why not one for this? I guess the question will linger for a long time. Sad but true.
Image: From the Internet. A cancer cell is being attacked by immune system.