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Monday, March 27, 2006

Google Secret Services

In sixties and seventies seeing anyone with a hat covering half the face and up-collar long over coat gave the impression of either a commie spy or a CIA agent. Fast forward 2006 anyone I see with a laptop looks like a Googlee Secret agent.

I came across this XML feed and followed it to its source and guess what it talks about. An anonymous Google employee who is secretly providing answers to questions related with Google. Including that there is a secret Google lab across the world and they have a site, which is unknown what it does. I checked the link - http://eval.google.com . For the site reporting this, Click here.

Interestingly this link looks as innocent as Google.com the catch is its sub-domain - eval. First, I thought due to similarity of appearance that Google may have a "catch all" sub-domain but no. Typing something random and it will come back with a not found error.

This is creepy. Sounds like siberian concentration camps, UFOs, aliens and what not. Or is it one of those "housewife" stories under the wraps of urban legends?