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Monday, March 27, 2006

Immigration brouhaha

The current immgration brouhaha is nothing but unwanted. What really gives America the edge over the world is its extreme diversity based on people's contribution to its economy.

Click here to see a list of immigrants who made their "little" contribution to the American economy. These and other immigrants are immigrants who directly or indirectly make more contribution to the Social Security and other US funds; still they will most likely never use these funds. The amount of bling they cycle through the economy only creates and adds more value to the American economy. Cheap labor allows buyers access to more luxury and purchasing power in turn creating more job opportunities. A tight immigration policy will only ship more jobs overseas than create/provide any jobs in the US. US is getting older at much faster rate than its youth is catch up with the gap. American economy is too huge to be handled by meager about 300M people. America needs more skilled and un-skilled people to sustain its superiority in the world.

US should have similar immigration policy as UK. After legally staying in US for certain period the immigrant should automatically be given a green card rather than depend upon sponosorers who exploit the immigrants sponsorship weakness, which I believe is in contradiction with the land of the FREE and the BRAVE.

Picture source: WCPO