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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New front for GOOG.

Another front declared open by Google. Yes, Google Finance. Here is my two cents on what I think of it.

Excellent! Very pleasing to the eye, very well designed in term of usability and user friendly but will take some time for people like me to adapt since I am hooked to Yahoo Finance. What I like the most is the fact that Google very well has covered its weakness by providing links to its competitors who are better in those areas.

A key weakness I see is the portfolio manager. As compared to Yahoo it is a little baby. But, I am confident Google will nurture it well. Am I jumping boats yet. NO. What I think would be killer, will be Google's next acquisition of online spreadsheet and integration with this service.

Interestingly, this move is directly in competition with Yahoo, AOL and MSN. Since, GOOG gave another tool to research off of here is a little research. Comparison of MSFT/YHOO and GOOG. Source: Wikipedia.

Founded: 04/04/1975
Revenue: $39.79 billion
Employees: 63,000+

Founded: 03/02/1995
Revenue: $3.57 billion
Employees: 7,631+

Founded: 1998
Revenue: $6.140 billion
Employees: 5,680


Sumit Awasthi said...

Okay, even tho' its late in this part of the world (GMT+1 hour), but I had to mention, my favorite part of Google Finance is that the graph of the stock price is matched with news events. So click on the markers on the graph and the news event comes up. This is great for doing research on the history of a company or its stock price.

so long then!

atul said...

Zeya---in one of my MBA classes at BU,back in 2005, our professor had told us that he had been chosen to provide key insight on how to make Google Finance better than Yahoo finance.
We had two teams in our class that actually came up with designs for Google that would kick Yahoo finance's butt!!!!
I still like Yahoo. It gives me everything I need for all my classes.