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Friday, March 17, 2006

Thanks Swash for the stale fragrance!

Late night brain flatulence can indeed shine some unprecedented light on things that otherwise we cease to conceive. Thanks to Swash who showered brain load of epiphany on me last night.

This load was in response to my previous blog about GPaint (sketchup). Swash, it makes sense what you are talking but I am not convinced about use of GPaint with maps. May be I did not understand what you were passing out in your sleep.

But I agree that this is one step close towards a MS Office like suite. Capability to draw and add images to Google Pages and/or the Writely avatar. I would not be surprised if next Google comes out with a collabaration tool like Live Meeting and use the GPaint capability for white board work. Also, my guess is next anyone who has a online spreadsheet is going to be acquired by Google. Eg. Num Sum, Zoho and goddammit I have nothing. I see dead people and acquisition pattern.

Thinking about all this idea, I wonder what am I doing as a developer. I am in a desparate need of a visionary idea to enlighten my future.