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Monday, May 01, 2006

iPod a phenomenon.

It started as a white slab and initially I told myself why would somebody buy an MP3 player for $300 (See quote below.). And then happened my commute to the city. Every morning ride to and from city to East Bay. And what I saw was streak of white cable running from people's ears to their bags, pockets, hands and all imaginable places that can hold a cigarrette pack sized metallic device.
That was an eye-opener for me. And, this weekend at the local Target store I realized that this was not just any product, this is a phenomenon.

At this target there was a whole aisle of iPod products and accessories. And, I bowed down to the Master Wizard - Steve Jobs. More on Steve Jobs, click here.

"There are sneakers that cost more than an iPod."
-- On the iPod's $300 price tag, Newsweek, Oct. 27, 2003

For kicks and some cheap thrills here some info on iPod and what iPod stands for.

Complete info on iPod click here.
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