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Sunday, June 25, 2006


Ghana vs. US
Did somebody say Ghana was playing its first world cup? They wacked the US team like a local kid being bullied by veteran bully. What a tireless, aggressive, strong game by Ghana. I am very tempted for the Ghanese team but they lack exposure. The only player I think who made any impact on the field from US side - McBride (note: he has European exposure) and Reyna the Cap. Donovan is nothing but short burst of sprint gone haywire and highly overrated player. US performance was full of mistakes from the line up to passes on the field to attacks.

BTW, why were they trying the offside trap in their match against Italy? They just got lucky tying the game, but that was probably the most stupid thing a novice team like US could have tried in a World cup match.

Argentina vs. Mexico
Ah, what a game. Finally, the world cup quality of game has arrived. Despite Argentina's performance through its group games and being the highest scorer yet, I am very sceptical about them. Reasons, in the group game the only comparable team was Holland and they drew with them (by the time they played this game the teams had already qualified for round of 16). Against Mexico they had a tough time winning the game. So, its a team to watch. But what goals. This was a 120+ mins of watching on the edge game. I chewed by fingers in apprehension during this game. The goal in the overtime was devine.

Portugal vs. Netherlands
Why are Dutchs not wearing ORANGE? The match or the blood bath was more of gladiator's in the arena. The referee was playing poker with the cards. Lets see whats there in store next.

French have made to the round of 16, lady luck must really be shinning for this team. The only reason I wanted them to go to round 16, give one more chance to Zizhou (Zinedine Zidan).

I am hating the card games by referee the whole meaning of cards is lost.

And the ESPN commentators. They are hilarious, they sound like Yogi Bera. In the England vs. Ecuador match, Beckham scored a brilliant free kick goal (remember Bend it like Beckham?). But, the commentator's statement that the goal keeper did not have a chance to do anything was slightly indigestable. The goal keeper did not just make an attempt at saving by diving but was able to move the ball to. And please focus on the game rather than glamor.